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Cocoa&Blush – Presets – Photo Edit – Summer Silhoutte

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Have you got the Heartstrings Mini Preset Collection yet? This small set was designed for summer and sun & turns out they can help give you a sweet silhouette! 😉

2 click edit to a beautiful sunset silhouette below!

Gorgeous image provided by Tisha Johnson Photography, edited with Cocoa&Blush Preset “Pot of Gold”

You can get this whole set by clicking —-> HERE <—- 🙂


And.. if you want to play around with the colours to make it stand out a little bit more come watch the video on how to make the magic happen in only a couple minutes! 🙂

Click HERE to see how to get these two after images and how you can do it with your own photos!




and… a few more stunning silhouettes from Tisha Johnson Photography with the Heartstrings Mini Presets used the same was as in the video linked above! Go get yours and give it a shot! 🙂


DSC_1320b2 DSC_2284b3 DSC_2288b4  DSC_6486b5 DSC_6526b6 DSC_8582cb7 DSC_1312cb1


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