Project 52

cocoa & blush – Project 52 – Week 2

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Thank you to all who have joined in so far! If you are new you can join in at any time, all the info is under the Project 52 tab at the top 🙂

Here is my week one image and since it was a short week and we only had a few images submitted here is one for now that stood out 🙂 Loved everyone’s photos and so excited to do this with you guys.. I know now already it’s going to be extremely hard for me to narrow a few down to post here on the blog each week! ❤

My image for week one – Messy!

cocoa&blush – MESSY 1/52

“Messy” .. exactly how my emotions become when I watch my husband with our children 
He’s picked up my tradition of teaching them all “Round and round the mulberry bush goes the teddy bear… ” and she loves it. Her little gaze makes it even better 


Jennifer Crooks Photography

Week 1/52
Theme: Messy

I bought him a doughnut and told him to get messy. He looked at me and said… “But, we’re not supposed to get messy! That’s ridiculous!”. We managed 


Come join us for week 2 of 52!! 

Motherhood Theme – ROUTINE

Alternate Theme – BACKLIT

.. or choose your own! 🙂

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