WELCOME to the Cocoa&Blush Blog!

If you’re new, or if you’ve always just wondered a bit about the background of Cocoa&Blush here you go..

Number one, I hate writing about myself so I’ll try and make it short and sweet! 😉

Number two, I am a dreamer, an artist & lover of all things art, a photographer and a big heart. Also a Mama of 3, hence things get chaotic around here at times!

I have been an artist since I was young, drawing and in my early teens started painting as well. I love it & miss it and dream of the day my little ones are old enough I can pick that medium back up too.  I have loved taking photos since I was young also, long before digital and at the age of 14 I was introduced to Adobe Photoshop by the most out there, amazing tech teacher I ever had! 😛 I continued to use it every year since, my first work with it being photo manipulation which grew into photo editing. I debated through school, photography or graphic design due to my love for them both. (I love Art & History also but I could never teach a room full of kids!) Turns out I didn’t do either, instead I had a beautiful baby boy just before I turned 20yrs old and that changed my life & goals forever. He inspired me to do so much more, work hard & reach for the stars. I got myself a DSLR shortly after, put it on Manual & never looked back! There was no such thing as Facebook & Pinterest & all these online courses, so I found what I could online & absorbed everything. I shot and practiced and shot some more.

You’re saying ok.. nice, what does that have to do with Cocoa&Blush??

Well after a while I started a photography business and that is what I did on the side of my regular full time job for quite a while. Loved it and wanted to continue to grow with it. Eventually newborn photography became a “thing” and at that time it was much more custom than it is now. I knew that was what I wanted to do so I started shooting newborns & learning and growing some more. Not long after Prop Shops started popping up on Facebook 🙂 I ordered all my newborn props from some of the very first vendors.. but one night, I was bored and I thought hey, maybe I’ll try making an upcycled bonnet for my upcoming shoot. (upcycling was also new & I took a Fashion class when I was 17 that taught me how to sew..) So I gave it a shot, liked the results & I posted a picture of my bonnet on my photography page.. Turned out everyone else loved it too.. and that’s how Cocoa&Blush was born. I would have never guessed in a million years I’d be making newborn props for some of the most amazing people I’ve met through this business but I am forever thankful & grateful I am.

Shortly after I started Cocoa&Blush I took 2yrs off of shooting for maternity leave with my 2 youngest little ones. You guys have made my Shop busy & successful to the point that after so much time off I have had to make the decision to start back from scratch shooting full time or keep Cocoa&Blush .. I’m keeping Cocoa&Blush 🙂

But! .. there are some new things coming for Cocoa&Blush in 2015 that I will be shooting for .. so I’m not giving it up completely ❤

PS. Cocoa – stands for my oldest son who has tanned skin. Blush – stands for my second born son who is a wild red head .. and my third (girl) came after my Shop was named 😉

Fun Facts: I live on coffee & music. I am INFP. I love lace & to shoot wide open.

Above photo is of myself (in a Cocoa&Blush dress 😉 ) taken by my most amazing best friend, photographer & master of natural light, Jessica Lutz Photography .

Fabulous baby photo on our banner by Crystal Wright Photography with a Cocoa&Blush Womb Wrap.

If you took the time to read all of this.. Cheers to you! – Jillian xo



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  • You are super talented;) love all your creations . You are one of my favourite in the bussiness 🙂 xxxx

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